Sparkling life: shifting from stressed to resilient, living the life YOU choose

We all are alive. Yet many don’t feel alive.

Through Integrally alive I empower you live life in your own terms, and feel alive, integrally: in every dimension of your life and being. I share wisdom and tools to shift from stressed, to resilient.

Resilience: your power to stay connected to life… even through tough times

How can you feel alive and excited to get up in the morning when you are suppressing parts of yourself in order to fit in a life that is not congruent with who you are?

  • Do you feel stuck in a life you don’t (want to) fit in? (You’re not alone! The number 1 regret of people is: “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me“.)
  • Do you feel disconnected from a part of yourself?
  • Or you are just on your right tracks, yet feeling like you’re not enough, or something is not quite right but you shouldn’t complain (hello imposter syndrome)?
  • Do you wonder why is it OK to suffer from a broken leg, and people can see why you need time to heal, but when it comes to psychological issues, you will be advised to “Cheer up”, and “get over it”?
  • Are you done with fake positivity? Which really means: “just put a smile on your face and swallow your struggles. There is no struggles anyway, only learning experiences. So you’re wrong, you actually should be grateful.”
  • Do you feel isolated? Like this is a problem with yourself, and other wouldn’t understand, or would reject you?
  • Are you through with suppressing a part of who you are, to fit in boxes you don’t even enjoy?

You found your tribe. Let’s sparkle life! Here you will find wisdom and tools to feel alive again; integrally alive.

When we come back to who we are, and can express ourselves freely in all aspects of our life, stress naturally disappears. We feel excited to get up in morning, and create a life we don’t need vacation from.

Where to start?

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